Courses  &  Workshops

Visual Art Improvisation

team building through improvisational art

For artist & non-artists alike, this team-building workshop delivers a highly creative and relationally enriching experience.  Using classic improvisational techniques, the facilitator will guide the group through a process that results in the creation of an original work of collaborative art that can be framed and kept.  One previous participant said:

"I was astonished to see what we produced.  I thought we would end up with a mess, but it's beautiful.  I'm amazed!"

The time frame is flexible.  Versions of the workshop can be set up for 2-6 hours, depending on the needs & desires of the group.


Creative Art Cohort

responding to art through art

This group meets as a cohort for three months, and culminates in a public presentation.  The curriculum focuses on personal creative development through artistic expression, individual and group reflection, and experiential exercises. Participants will engage in a three month “conversation of art” in which they will each respond to the original works of others through new original works of their own.  The process is not limited to visual art, but may incorporate any art form employed by the participants.


Storyline Writers Workshops

empowering writers through collaborative feedback

A small group workshop series for writers to give and receive feedback on their written works.  Participants may include poetry, stories, or essays.  This group is for writers who are already producing work, and feel the need for feedback from other writers.  The purpose is for each participant to enhance his or her ability to communicate through written words.  The group meets for 6-8 sessions over a three month period, ending with an opportunity for the participants to read their work in a public presentation.

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The Life Story Workshop

The Story of Your Life

In this workshop, participants will view events and people in their lives as chapters in a story.  While part of it has already passed, there are many chapters still ahead.  Explore the various "pens" that write your story and examine possibilities for co-creating a story that leads to a future worth living. 

The day involves fun and laughter, as well as serious reflection.  Experience insightful exercises, both in solitude and with others.  Enjoy thoughtful discussion in a beautiful learning environment, and come away with a greater sense of how the story of your life is playing out, and how you can make it better.


The Unveiling Workshops

equipping individuals for deeper relationships

The Unveiling workshops focus on personal identity, relational communication, and group dynamics. Each participant will come away with a greater sense of how he or she is perceived by others and a greater awareness of how to effectively communicate with the people in his or her life.  The participants engage in listening exercises, story-telling, writing, small group discussion, creative expression, and other highly experiential exercises.  The process creates opportunities to learn how to connect with others on a deeper level than is usually experienced.



For further information on any of our courses or workshops, contact us.  If you already have a group of eight or more, ask us about having one of our facilitators come to you.