About Creative Interfaces

Creative Interfaces Inc. is a non-profit organization in San Rafael California. We design unique learning environments that awaken creativity and foster personal development. We do this in a variety of ways, with many levels of involvement, from simply enjoying a public reading or musical event, to taking a beginning art class, to equine guided life coaching, to joining a highly focused study group, or making an appointment with one of our spiritual directors.

We offer:

  • Visual Art forums, classes, and workshops

  • Art shows

  • Presentations featuring visual artists, writers, musicians, and more

  • Writers workshops

  • Public reading events

  • House concerts

  • Fine art printing and nonprofit sales

  • Classes, workshops, and retreats focused specifically on personal reflection, transformation, and growth

  • Spiritual direction

your creative identity,
the steps in your story
to give the gift
that you are

Our Story

We began in 2002 when Dave and Karen Robinson started the Second Saturday Artist Gathering. This group was born out of their interest in the connection between creative expression and personal/spiritual development. Dave wanted to use his experience as a professional artist and his training as a ministry practitioner to help people develop richer spiritual lives by engaging their creative expression.

At the Second Saturday gathering, 10-20 artists get together each month for feedback and support. Hundreds of local artists have attended over the years. The group has drawn a wide variety of people and artistic mediums. It includes those with years of professional experience as well as those who are just beginning their creative journey. All are encouraged to share their work in a supportive and non-competitive environment. Over the years, those involved have expressed excitement about the growth and encouragement they've experienced through their connection to the group. Some have added new art forms to their repertoire, others have published books, developed greater self-confidence, deepened their communication skills, and enhanced their sense of connection to other people.

C.I. has produced a number of art shows and events, featuring painters, sculptors, songwriters, poets, dancers, musicians, photographers, designers, writers, and more. These events provide opportunities for artists to show their work and are enjoyed by the local community.

In 2006, we opened Cedar House, a small, community-oriented retreat facility in downtown San Rafael.  The house serves as a home base for our creative team, as well as a venue for public events, small group meetings, and some of our classes and workshops.


We believe that when a person creates, they activate their unique qualities which flow from who they are as a unique individual. We also believe that the experience of creating can enhance a person’s connection to God, which is why we focus on both creative development and spiritual development together. As people explore the link between spirituality and creative expression, we provide tools and environments to accelerate, enhance, and clarify their learning process.

Our Purpose

We want to help cause people to experience life vividly — to learn, to grow, and to continually discover deeper aspects to their identity. And in that process, we want to encourage, affirm, nurture, and applaud their creative development, such that they grow and flourish, both individually and in community.

What We Value

  • Hospitality

  • Beauty

  • Personal Creativity

  • Artistic Development

  • Informed Faith

Our Team

  • Dr. Dave Robinson, MDiv, DMin – Executive Director, teacher, group facilitator, and coach (Dave is also a visual artist, speed-painter, sculptor, and writer)

  • Karen Robinson, MA – Hospitality Coordinator (Karen is also a pianist and visual artist) (visit Karen's website)

  • Kevin Oshiro – Team Member (jazz saxophonist, writer, humorist)

  • Tim Robinson, PLS – Team Member (visual artist, sculptor, writer, publisher) (visit Tim's website)

  • Marybeth Adkins – Team Member (photographer, visual artist, spiritual director) (visit Marybeth's website)

Our Sponsored Partners

It’s our privilege to be able to help support the amazing people and organizations listed here. They share our mission, we believe in them, and we love what they do for people.